The tools in TopoDOT 64bit (used in MicroStation CONNECT) are by default organized differently than TopoDOT 32bit (used in MicroStation V8i). TopoDOT 64bit tools are located in the ribbon on the top toolbar of MicroStation CONNECT, while the TopoDOT 32bit tools are located (usually on the left-hand-side) in the Task Bar of MicroStation V8i.
Some users may prefer the left task bar, and many training videos utilize the left task bar. By following these steps, it is possible to display the TopoDOT 64bit (for CONNECT) tools in both the Task Bar and the Ribbon simultaneously.

NOTE: All tools can be quickly found by searching their name in the search bar, located in the top left.


  • Go to File > Settings > Configuration > Configuration Variables
  • Click New
  • Enter to the Variable field: MS_TASKNAVIGATION_CONFIGURATION and add New Value 1, then click OK and YES to saving to your *.UCF file
  • Note: You will not see the Task Bar until the next few steps are carried out
  • Now go to File > Settings > User > Preferences
  • In the Category list select ‘Task Navigation’
  • Select from the Presentation pull-down menu option ‘Dialog’
  • Also, to enable key-board-shortcuts go to Category ‘Position Mapping’
  • Enable both ‘Use Position Mapping’ and ‘Show Position Mapping Aids’
  • Click OK > Tasks panel or ‘Task Bar’ will be visible on the left hand side
  • At the end, select File -> Save Settings to keep it
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vashaun henderson · March 14, 2020 at 4:25 PM

These steps are not working for me, the Task Navigator section in preference is not showing up

Mauricio Terneus · March 16, 2020 at 11:07 AM

Update 13 of MicroStation has removed this option in the preferences dialog. To enable to task navigation, you must go through these steps:—the-v8i-task-theme

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