#1008: Asset Identification Tools & Techniques

This webinar presents new developments in our asset identification tools. Certainty 3D demonstrates how to recognize, categorize and tag 2D and 3D topographic assets from point cloud and calibrated imagery information. New capabilities for creating customizable attributes lists for asset inventory and export in text and shape format are shown.

#1006: Point Cloud Alignment in Virtual Design

As LiDAR data flows from surveying and mapping to downstream design, engineering and construction operations, there exists a need to align models and/or point clouds between coordinate systems. In this demonstration you will see detailed point clouds and models of pre-fab bridge beams accurately aligned within the virtual design.

#1002: Control to Data Analysis

Today’s high productivity LiDAR systems are passing increasingly large amounts of data to processing teams. These teams must validate data quality “prior” to investing significant processing time and effort. This presentation describes tools and techniques for assuring quality of the LiDAR system data. Explore the use of TopoDOT®’s Control Point Read more…

#1001: Roadway Surface Extraction with Rutting

Explore roadway surface extraction methods within TopoDOT®! Optimized 3D roadway surface models potentially offer significant value to downstream design, engineering and construction operations. This value proposition is discussed and followed by a demonstration of TopoDOT®’s new Road Extraction tool features designed to increase surface model fidelity to existing conditions.