3D model from a point cloud processing software.

With point cloud processing software, storing, organizing, and converting survey data into a digital 3D model becomes an easier and more efficient task. But not all point cloud software is equal — different programs have different capabilities. 

Choosing the best point cloud processing software for your organization can result in increased productivity, fewer processing costs, and increased profitability. So how can you find the best point cloud software for your company?

Consider Customer Service

Software support is one of the most important features to look out for when choosing point cloud processing software. A helpful support team is crucial to the overall user experience — software support should listen, respond, and collaborate with their users promptly. 

With support at your fingertips or just a phone call away, you’ll know you’ll always receive help when it comes to troubleshooting. You can also share your suggestions for process and tool enhancement, so software teams can use input from actual users to continually improve the software.

Benefit from Fully Integrated Software

By choosing software that is fully integrated and capable of supporting the assessment, data management, and feature extraction stages of point cloud processing, you won’t have to use other software for any part of that workflow. You can use a single program to analyze the quality of data, manage that data and extract topographies, GIS assets, and structural models from datasets. 

Pricing Model

As well as considering the features and capabilities of point cloud software, you will also need to think about whether the pricing model suits your organization. The pricing model of software can affect the cost-effectiveness of the program, so it can pay to consider software with flexible pricing options. While some software will have one rigid licensing plan, others will offer different packages to suit your needs. 

TopoDOT’s pricing model allows you to pay only for what you use. After the initial up-front cost of the licence itself, you own that licence for life. The software is then designed to be cost-effective, even for projects that aren’t regular. By only paying for what you use, you can assign the cost of TopoDOT usage to specific project budgets.

Choose a Software That Enables Collaboration

Most organizations will have a team of personnel working on point cloud data processing. But if collaboration is going to run smoothly and teams are going to achieve profitable deliverables, the used point cloud processing software needs to allow many users to access and analyze data. 
While some point cloud software limits the number of users, TopoDOT includes unlimited users with each plan. So no matter how large your team, you can streamline the collaboration process and grant specific access to individual users.

Consider Software with a Short Learning Curve

Taking on a new point cloud processing software is going to involve some time learning the ropes. Even if you’ve previously used point cloud software, your team will still need to overcome the learning curve that comes with new software if they’re going to make the most of it. 

But some types of point cloud software will be easier to master than others. And the shorter the learning curve, the sooner your organization can reap the benefits of improved productivity and profitability. 

The best point cloud processing software will include training on how to use the program. For example, TopoDOT has the TopoDOT University and Wiki, an online portal with all the training you need to understand and make the most of what the software has to offer.

Save Time with Automated Feature Extraction

Some of the best point cloud processing software will offer automated, or semi-automated feature extraction. This advanced trait can reduce the amount of time spent on extracting topographical features and save your organization money as projects will be delivered faster, therefore improving profitability.

Compare the Best Point Cloud Processing Software Options for Your Industry

Some point cloud software options are targeted more at specific industries — the software may have been built with specific features and landscapes in mind. If there is a point cloud software tailored to your field, it may be worth exploring this option.  

TopoDOT is updated periodically to improve user experience when it comes to automating feature extraction, processing speeds, display quality, and more. All included in your licence usage. 

If you’re looking for the best point cloud processing software for your organization, TopoDOT is a leading software for organizations looking to make the most of their survey data. Find out how TopoDOT can help you streamline your point cloud processing efforts by signing up for a free demo today.

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