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Title: Tom.larnerFit Arc (2 lines 1 point)
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Seem to be getting mixed success with this command.  
Great when it works but lately it wants to make an arch in the z axis rather than in plan.  Ive played around with the ACS setting but with no result.  
Anyone had this problem and know a fix?
Hi Tom,
I think the two lines might be diverging in opposite planes or the point is too high in the Z axis compared to the lines XY plane. You can confirm this by creating a cross section through the lines and point and see if the lines or point are not within the plane. If is the point that is causing the error, move it and try again. Never try placing the point freely, always use the break-line extraction tool or template by xsection tool to place it. Or if you are snapping on to the point-cloud, create a cross section afterwards to confirm the placement. 
If the problems is with the lines, you can use the Break-line Extraction tool, to ensure the lines are close withing the XY plane. 
If the problem persists, please call us at 407.248.0160, we can take a look at your situation. 
Thanks for posting!
So this is just trial and error before finding the right spot? Is there a way of predicting where the spot might be by any chance?
Much of these errors are based on the angle of the tangent lines and its interpolated tangent points. With the extracted lines, if one side of the bullnose is angled up by 5 degrees and the other side angled down 5 degrees, once extended, this mismatch the interpolated tangent point elevation (which can be large depending on how far it has to interpolate) can cause the tool to do some strange things.

So while it's not trial and error to find the right spot, just follow good extraction practices and this issue shouldn't arise.

Our typical approach for fixing this is to just verify the placement of the two tangent lines (and make sure they're close enough to the bullnose - maybe just within 5 ft or so) and make sure that the vertices that lead to the bullnose aren't too close (to cause a spike in angle).

If you're having issues with the tool, feel free to give us a call or email our support!
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