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Title: Nick DutilLoad Aerials - Int. Ft / US Ft Shift?
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Good Morning - we've been dealing with this for a couple of years now, and have always just tried to scale our TopoDOT generated aerials to existing topo drawings, but we're now running into issues where we're creating aerials for preliminary work before survey data has been collected.

We work in US survey feet (State Plane coordinates).  What we're finding is that the TopoDOT generated aerial drawings are shifted, and the amount is dependent upon where the project falls in the state plane zone.  Sometimes the shift is minimal, other times it can be over 5 feet.  It doesn't appear to be an issue with our state plane definitions within the TopoDOT Aerial tool (when using 32bit), as the shift is applied no matter what coordinate system we assign to the aerial drawing.

I realize that this may be more of a MicroStation issue than a TopoDOT issue, but was hoping that someone here has run into this already, and might have some sort of procedure to get MicroStation to make this correction.

Any advice?
Hi Nick,

Could you send me a DGN file with some line work that has the coordinate system attached which contains the shift you are seeing?
Email: mt@topodot.com

With MicroStation Connect, we are using Bentleys coordinate system libraries. I am not sure if I will be able to fix anything with that, but I can take a look.


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