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Full Version: Wall Monitoring
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I have being using Wall Monitoring Tool for reporting Pile and Diaphragm Wall Face for verticality and clearance from design. There are a number of alterations that could be made to the tool to make it more flexible for various applications:
1. Target Deviation for lateral movement - I require to reference the scanned wall offset to a design gridline (which is parallel to but offset from design wall face). Example: design wall face is -4.5m from GL:A therefore Target Deviation (i.e. reset the 0 line for legend) would be -4.5m (setting a 0.5m scale either side of this) min deviation = -5.0m and max deviation =-4.0m. Even without a target deviation the program does not allow for a min and max deviation on the same side of the guideline (example below min dev= -5.0 max dev = -4.0, legend incorrectly runs -5 to 0 back to -4)
[img][Image: CACaEuO.png][/img]
2. Legend in Lateral Movement Report - add legend to the lateral movement main tab to make it easily apparent what the coloured tabs represent.
3.Add Panel numbering options for the Lateral Movement Report - Enable us to create reports that reference actual pile or wall identifiers (prefix/suffix, number format, first number, increasing or decreasing)
[img][Image: ZKpvvS6.jpg][/img]
4. Add a clean levels or undo button to the panel