Why Invest in TopoDOT®?

It doesn't matter how fast you can acquire point cloud data. If you can't deliver high quality products quickly, your revenue will suffer and your scanning technology operation can quickly have a negative revenue impact. TopoDOT®'s comprehensive workflow is designed to optimize your operations, extract the maximum value from your data and contribute directly to your bottom line.

Is your system vendor giving you a "good deal" on software?

Do you already have software and don’t want to invest in a new one?

That’s understandable. But if your process either can’t produce the products your customers require and/or its performance is too low, you’re losing money.

TopoDOT® assures your operational model will maximize your revenue, minimize your labor, and yield a dramatic return on your investment.

Success depends on a highly productive and profitable process

The TopoDOT® Process

Impact of Process Productivity on Revenue

The following chart illustrates the trend of revenue and number of technicians as a function of daily extraction productivity per technician. Regardless of the number of annual miles processed, the characteristics of these curves stay the same. This analysis revealed some key points regarding the impact of extraction productivity on your business model:

Productivity Graph
  • An unproductive process can quickly result in an operational loss.
  • Process productivity reduces the main cost driver — people
  • Investment in productivity yields extremely high returns

The lowest risk, highest return investment you can make in your productivity!

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