TopoDOT® Workflow Assess

Assess Your Data Quality

  1. Assess alignment of images to point cloud data
  2. Assess relative alignment of overlapping point cloud data
  3. Assess alignment of point cloud data to reference control

These three fundamental steps are used to assure that the data quality will meet project requirements. TopoDOT® offers a complete suite of tools to extract metrics corresponding to each of these alignments. The ultimate results of this process is a clear and documented lineage between the data and geospatial control reference coordinates. (For further details on this process visit TopoDOT® University page and check out TechNote #1021: Establishing Requirements, Extracting Metrics and Evaluating Quality of LiDAR Data)

Image Alignment

Modern laser scanning systems typically export images tightly calibrated with the point cloud data. TopoDOT® effectively employs these images such that Extraction productivity is typically raised 30% when they are available. TopoDOT® offers tools and workflows to quickly asses and extract the alignment in pixels between the images and point cloud data.

Relative Point Cloud Alignment

A critical component of data quality is the relative alignment of overlapping point cloud areas. TopoDOT® offers automated tools to quickly assess the relative alignment of point cloud data acquired by tripod mounted scanners and mobile LiDAR systems. Quickly extract a color-coded map documenting the magnitude of the overlapping point cloud misalignment over large areas. In minutes, know where the data meets your specification, identify and address those areas where data is out of tolerance.

Point Cloud to Control Coordinate Alignment

Having assessed the relative point cloud alignment, the final step in establishing a lineage to reference survey control is measure the deviation of control coordinates to the point cloud. TopoDOT® automatically compares the entire point cloud to imported control coordinates and provides an elevation deviation report in a spreadsheet format.

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