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TopoDOT® offers a complete tool suite to quickly organize and apportion large point cloud files into optimal sized tiles complete with geospatially located links for quick and easy access.

The TopoCloud™ feature included with TopoDOT® allows users to store, administer and share these large data sets efficiently and cost effectively over a private FTP server, a mapped network drive, or public data cloud storage service such as Amazon® Simple Storage Service. TopoDOT® customers are storing terabytes of corridor project data on Amazon S3 or private networks.

Data Organization

The value of point cloud data is enhanced significantly when it is organized for intuitive identification and access. TopoDOT® offers tools to quickly lay out a geospatial tile system over an area or along a corridor to your specifications. Then extremely large point cloud files are automatically subdivided according to the corresponding tiles. A geospatially located icon link is generated for each tile.

Upload to Cloud Storage

The unique TopoCloud™ data administrator feature is included with TopoDOT® at no additional cost. TopoCloud™ facilitates storage on your private FTP server, mapped drive, and Amazon S3 while adding nothing to your service costs. Use TopoCloud™ to upload your point cloud data, images, and any relevant metadata such as survey control, documents, CAD files, etc. As an administrator you can grant project access to selected users.

Download from Cloud Storage

The TopoCloud™ project viewer in TopoDOT® provides a list of projects accessible to each unique TopoDOT® user. The user simply selects the project and visualizes the mapped link icons overlaid on a public domain map. The user can select the data icons where data is needed and data is automatically downloaded from the corresponding storage utility to the workstation hard drive. Calibrated images are automatically identified, located, and downloaded by selecting a specific location in the data. Of course CAD models, survey data, and other project data can be downloaded as files. TopoCloud™ provides each user easy access to the project data where and when it is needed.

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