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TopoDOT® Users Conference

Please join us at TopoDOT® Users Conference (TUC) being held at the beautiful UCF Rosen College campus in Orlando, Florida. This global gathering of the TopoDOT® Users community will feature an extensive learning program for every level of TopoDOT® experience.

Technical Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of point cloud data and greatly improve TopoDOT® skills for extracting topographies, models, and spatial information.

The Management track will provide a broader overview of the technology and application areas with a focus on business development and program management. Field leaders will share their experience and ideas during this three day program.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn, network, and have fun!

Every transportation department, survey, engineering, and construction firm needs a productive process organized around the coming wave of point cloud data

Laser scanning, mobile laser scanning and UAV imaging systems produce terabytes of point cloud and image data along road and rail transportation corridors. A productive process to manage the data, assess its quality and extract the information is necessary to feed downstream planning, design, engineering and construction operations. Those firms and agencies who apply this exciting technology, organize their teams around it, and effectively implement an effective process will quickly experience significant economic returns on their investment.

The TopoDOT Solution
Portrait of Edwards Deming

"If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing."

W. Edwards Deming, the "Father of Quality Movement"

The TopoDOT® Solution

TopoDOT® offers the transportation industry's most productive software for extracting topography, 3D models, GIS Assets, and more from point cloud data. But that's not all! TopoDOT®'s comprehensive tool suite allows you to establish a highly productive process to manage data, assess quality and extract CAD and GIS products exceeding your customers requirements and expectations.

The TopoDOT® Process


1. Manage

Organize, store and share your project data using the unique TopoCloud™ feature. TopoCloud™ requires no additional cost, no complicated IT streaming requirements, and supports the storage medium you select.

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2. Assess

Employ a well documented and proven process to establish requirements, extract metrics, and assess quality of your data. TopoDOT's complete suite of assessment tools quickly determines if your data will meet project objectives.

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3. Extract

Hundreds of highly automated TopoDOT® tools extract topography, 3D models, assets, and other CAD and GIS products to seamlessly feed downstream operations. New Analysis tools automatically analyze, document, and issue reports such as ADA ramp characteristics, roadway construction quality, speed advisory around curves, retaining wall monitoring, and many others.

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Why Invest in TopoDOT®?

TopoDOT® is state-of-the-art technology, but in the end, it’s always about the bottom line. Find out why TopoDOT® is the low risk, high return investment in your operations!

Why Invest in TopoDOT®?

TopoDOT Community

TopoDOT® is more than an industry leading software product. It's more than a comprehensive process for managing project data, assessing its quality and extracting high value deliverables. TopoDOT® represents a community of forward thinking agencies, companies and individuals. Today the TopoDOT® community leads the industry in effectively applying LiDAR and UAV technology to transportation and civil infrastructure.

I appreciate Certainty 3D's customer support. You all have provided us with nothing but top of the line assistance and are consistently making my life much easier.

Jared M. Horne
Alabama Department of Transportation

We have tested several software packages over the last few years to allow us to extract data for the various types of survey applications we have been using our LiDAR systems on and have found that TopoDOT is hands down the most comprehensive and user friendly package. Being in a multi-discipline survey firm that works with a multitude of software suites, I can say without a doubt that the training, support and tool updates that the team at Certainty 3D provides for their customers are without equal.

Bradley Gray, PLS
EMC, Inc.

The new topographic projection tool alone saved us hundreds of man hours on a recent project by allowing us to adjust a finalized cad drawing when we found a shift in the project control was needed. If not for this tool we would have needed to completely re-draft the area of change, instead we were able to make the revisions in a matter of days instead of weeks.

Bradley Gray, PLS
EMC, Inc.

TopoDOT is very useable, complete and state of the art. With the comprehensive, extensive, expert training, workflow model, and support of Certainty 3D we were productive with their software from day one and continue to discover new techniques, making our process more productive each day. We have never been more satisfied with any software developer as we are with C3D. Their knowledge of 3D laser scanning operations and point cloud management far exceeds any other we've encountered.

Rich Jackson, Vice-President
Leading Edge Land Services

To all at Certainty 3D, thanks for the note, your work and “fun” allow me to do things with surveying and mapping data I never imagined when starting out many years ago. It’s a great thing to be able to continue a learning process throughout a 30+ year survey career. I thank you all for your commitment to the TopoDOT community! You're always there to answer questions and listen to new ideas. All the best to all of you at Certainty 3D, I look forward to staying on the path with you and the community.

Gordon Perry, RPLS, PLS
The HNTB Companies

At Maser, we are always searching for a better way to extract features from LiDAR data. We have found that TopoDOT is leading the way in easy to use and flexible tools that work inside MicroStation. The C3D team has shown a commitment to our workflows and provided more than ample support for our project teams that are working in the fast-paced world of design-build.

Paul DiGiacobbe, P.E.
Maser Consulting

TopoDOT provides us with the missing link in converting 3D Laser Scanning data into CAD deliverables. The team of Certainty 3D have managed to outperform all the other major players in the market.

Bas Kuckelkorn
McMullen Nolan and Partners

The thing I love most (besides the software) is the Customer / Client Support each and every member of Certainty 3D offers. You guys are the best.

Michael Herbst, PLS
Ensign Engineering and Land Surveying

The lowest risk, highest return investment you can make in your productivity!

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