We help Surveyors and CAD techs speed up their point cloud feature extraction processing by 10X faster. Experience the relief of increasing your productivity, adding value to your process and delivering on time!

Is this you? Are you...

  • Frustrated by CAD techs not delivering on time
  • Battling project times and schedules, which are exhausting
  • Struggling with lack of deliverable accuracy
  • Exasperated with slow software and poor results
  • Irritated by losing out on price
  • Annoyed by what you think is unusable data
  • Pressured into supplying high quality CAD deliverables to down-stream operations but struggle to meet targets
  • Discouraged that your current process is OK but it is not very efficient
  • Losing control of the process
  • Overwhelmed with the amount of data and you are not sure how to handle it
  • Taking too long to classify/clean up data
  • Irritated with your existing software; the switch is going to be painful.
  • Inherited it and don't feel it works very well. Feel there is a better way

Imagine a world where you...

  • Are confident you can deliver in a faction of the time
  • Feel more confident about the quality of your project deliverable
  • Are more competitive and deliver projects under budget
  • Easily handle the vasts amount of point cloud data
  • Are in control of all steps of process
  • Extract features easily exportable to any CAD/Design platform
  • Can extract from noisy data
  • Have an all-included software solution
  • Have improved, fast, efficient and high quality data processing capabilities
  • Access large data files without streaming
  • Justify your ROI through a low risk investment

Finally, if you continue to stay where you are...

  • How much is it going to cost you?
  • How frustrated are you going to be?
  • Will you be competitive?
  • Can you meet the demands of the workload?

Introducing TopoDOT - point cloud processing software, book a 15 min discovery call today with Jennifer and find out if it is for you!