Use the chart below as a guideline to compare some product capabilities when choosing a
Bentley product for TopoDOT use. The list only includes products that have been tested for
TopoDOT use but there might be more Bentley products capable of hosting TopoDOT. Please let
us know if you have a different product in mind.

Bentley Platforms
V8i = 32-bit
CONNECT = 64-bit
Runs TopoDOT Loads more than 100 milllion points* Basic CAD Tools Meshing Tools DTM Tools 3d Modelling Rendering Tools Price
MicroStation CONNECT $$$
MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT $$
OpenRoads Designer CONNECT $$$$
Map CONNECT Pending         NO DATA
MicroStation V8i NO DATA
MicroStation PowerDraft V8i NO DATA
Bentley Map PowerView V8i $
Bentley Map V8i $$$
Power GEOPAK V8i $$$$
Power InRoads V8i $$$$
Bentley PowerCivil V8i NO DATA
Bentley MXRoad V8i NO DATA

*Point limit is determined by how much RAM your machine has.

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